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The Indian Opportunity

India is emerging as a front runner in its efforts to reduce global warming as the nation remains committed to substantially reduce its carbon footprint in near future. The National Hydrogen Energy Mission, announced in the Union Budget of India, 2021-22, is a giant step towards a greener future that will lay down the roadmap for tapping alternate sources of energy. India is now viewed as a global leader in climate change through its concerted efforts and commitment towards slowing down global warming.

Hydrogen is one such source of energy that has a much higher energy output per unit mass. Producing hydrogen is an energy intensive process, and there is a need to exploit more and more of non-greenhouse gas producing energy sources like wind and solar power to generate electricity required for the purpose. India has an advantage here due to its geographical location, climate conditions and abundance of renewable sources of energy like solar, wind and hydro making it ideal for becoming the world’s cheapest hub for Hydrogen by 2050.

International Climate Summit 2023 is an initiative towards propelling India to become a key player in the field of renewable energy, more specifically Green Hydrogen. The government has already taken steps in this direction by introducing smart grids, and announcing substantial investments in R&D, technology upgradation and capacity building.The summit will be India centric and action oriented, with a special focus on ‘Powering India’s Hydrogen Ecosystem’.



“A new pathway towards climate change mitigation through mainstreaming Lifestyle for Environment and making the Green Energy transition to achieve energy security.

Strengthening India’s mission to become Aatmanirbhar (self- reliant) and energy independent by 2047; and achieve net-zero emissions by 2070.

The India led global clean energy movement begins here and now.”

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